Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wheels like the the Orangatang In Heat Have me very interested in wheel shape. I intend on trying the In Heats for a carving setup at some point. Further, there seems to be a lot of interest among skaters of obtaining a lathe for saving their flat-spotted wheels.

Over on the 'fish folks are working towards a low cost reproducible lathe out of available parts. Because casting wheels is fairly expensive, it seems like eventually there could be a market for 'uncut' wheels. Imagine something like a Nersh wheel, in 80mm, with completely flat sides, only a core bored out for the bearings. This would allow people to experiment with just about any lip shape they wanted. But I know the down side.. wheels are already expensive, and there are not enough people interested in cutting wheel lips for personal use. And people more interested in experimenting in wheels are lathing molds and mixing 'thane.

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